Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artist Profile

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Ron moved with his family to Edmonton at an early age. He attended Bonnie Doon High School and proceeded to Drake University in Iowa on a football and basketball scholarship. He completed his education at the University of Alberta with his BSc. and BEd. degrees. Upon graduation, Ron played football with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 1969 - 70, but his football career was cut short by a severe knee injury. To help pass the time during recovery in the hospital, he tried his hand at painting. What began as a therapeutic pastime, became a life long passion, and eventually, Ron was showing his work in galleries throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. With his connection to art, he is a past president of local chapters of the Arts and Crafts Society and the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Coinciding with Ron's art career, he joined the "Stampede Wrestling" circuit (1970 - 1973), taught High School math in Edmonton (1969 to 1979) , then became a technical sales representative in the industrial chemical sector, calling on mines, pulp mills, and refineries. "My territory was AB, Sask, BC, and the NWT, so I was witness to some amazing vistas. I always had my camera with me, on the lookout for scenes."

Ron has recently submitted pieces for showing at the NEW MOON GALLERY at 2565 Main Street, Westbank, BC, but he still does commissions, teaches art lessons, and occasionally donates his works to charitable activities.

When asked to comment about his paintings, he says: "I try to capture landscapes and moods that naturally appeal to me. I am greatly pleased when I discover that others have the same appreciation for our fantastic Canadian scenery."

Ron has since moved to Kelowna, with his wife and 10 year old daughter, where he is also involved with a commercial finance business, Liquid Capital Solutions Okanagan Ltd.
Paintings, (as shown below) are done on 300 lb. Arches Hot Press Smooth watercolour paper.Sizes indicated are actual painting size.
Some are available with price indicated (unframed) or not available - NA

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